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Wake Up On The Right Side Of Bed: Follow Our 7 Bedroom Styling Steps

Wake Up On The Right Side Of Bed: Follow Our 7 Bedroom Styling Steps

Found the bed of your dreams? You’re one step closer to that perfect night's sleep and there’s nothing quite like sinking back into your own bed after a long day at the office. But creating a good environment for sleep doesn’t just stop at the bed frame. Whether you’re spoiled for space or working with something more cosy, getting the styling of your bedroom right is the key to creating a homely haven that will have you sleeping in peace all night long. Whatever vibe you choose for your bedroom, follow our seven simple steps below that will have you sleeping soundly and waking up on the right side of bed in the morning.


1. Start Simple.

Always consider what you will use your bedroom for and keep it as simple as that. Winding down in the evenings, getting ready for the day in the mornings - with these essentials in mind, try to only include the furniture that you need for them in the room. With your bed as a solid starting place, you can add besides, wardrobes and dressers as you see fit. And consider the scale of your furniture too - choose the right size furniture for the space you are working with to ensure you still have plenty of space to walk around. By making sure you include only what you need in the room, you will keep it from feeling cluttered and will enjoy waking up to a more open space.


2. Be Clever With Your Storage.

With your essentials in place, you need to think about your storage and how you can be smart with it. Functional pieces like a bed frame with a lift up ottoman or hidden drawers can minimise the amount of extra storage you have on display in the room. If you do need more, a large wardrobe that has multiple storage options for more than just your clothes will keep that extra storage hidden and your essentials easily accessible. Still stuck for space? A wardrobe with sliding doors will remove the stress of squeezing around open doors and, by choosing a mirrored option, you won’t need an extra spot for that all-important full length mirror!

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3. Stay Symmetrical.

Furniture placement can make or break the feel of your room and by sticking to symmetry, you’ll give your bedroom an extra level of structure that will encourage you to keep it uncluttered. By framing your bed with matching bedside tables and perfectly placed artwork, eyes will be drawn to the main attraction of the space, and it will help the overall look of the room to be a clean one.

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4. Add A Headboard.

Feel like the space needs something more? The easiest way to add instant style to your bedroom is by adding a statement headboard. This will elevate the space and add a point of interest. Whether already attached to your bed frame, or a separate piece that you can mix and match, making your headboard the focal point of the room will ground the rest of your furniture and will make the space feel complete.

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5. Include More Textures.

Once you’re happy with the overall layout of the room, it’s time to get your textures on point. Good quality bed linen will make that fresh-sheet feeling last, but don’t be shy to add textures and textiles in other areas of the space too. A fluffy rug beneath the bed will give your toes a warm welcome first thing in the morning, and layering throws and extra pillows when you're making your bed will complete a cosy look for an extra level of style.


6. Layer Your Lighting.

Beautifully draping curtains can not only frame the window and the view, but it’s also a great opportunity to tie in your colour palette even further. When the natural light goes down and those curtains are closed? Make sure you have plenty of lighting options that you can interchange to suit your mood. From the bright ceiling light that you’ll need on those early mornings, to warm and cosy bedside lamps that help you wind down before you close your eyes - layering your lighting in this way will make your bedroom a truly versatile space.

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7. Add Personal Finishing Touches.

The final step in our bedroom styling process? Add the things that will make it your own! Artwork and photos, houseplants and candles - even an accent chair in a cosy nook for the times you want to get away from reality. These finishing touches will complete your bedroom transformation. Once you’ve created a well put together, uncluttered, and personal sleeping environment, your bedroom will be a place you can’t wait to wake up in.

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