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Sideboard Styling Tips (And 5 New Ways To Use Yours).

Sideboard Styling Tips (And 5 New Ways To Use Yours).

It’s the storage saviour found in homes across the UK and beyond. Whether perfectly organised or a place to shove those nick nacks with no home, a sideboard will be endlessly handy as far as storage is concerned. But this functional piece of furniture is more than just a solution to keep the clutter at bay - it has the potential to add so much more to your home. We delve into a few of the ways you can use yours below, but first, let’s look at our three top tips to remember when styling yours.


  1. Keep your sideboard looking tidy, smart and stylish by creating symmetry and avoiding overcrowding. Place similar items on either end to promote a symmetrical look, or use the rule of three, grouping accessories together to create balance. 

  2. Make sure that your sideboard mixes in with your home interior’s style. Whatever you use to style it, keeping within the theme of your sideboard’s surroundings will make sure that it adds to your interior rather than distracts from it. 

  3. Remember that less is often more. If your sideboard is a statement piece in itself, let it do all the talking and don’t be tempted to overcrowd it with unnecessary items.

Pictured: Lyon 3 Door White Gloss Sideboard


5 Ways To Use Your Sideboard.

For Entertaining

The sideboard was traditionally used in the home for serving food, and there’s no reason why it can’t be used in this way today. On those occasions when you’re playing host for a dinner party, games night or just for a coffee and a catch up, your sideboard is a great place to leave snacks and drinks for easy access. Speaking of drinks, your sideboard can double up as a drinks cabinet too (be it for booze or a brew)! Have your drinks on display or tucked away in a cupboard - with plenty of storage available, you can keep both your drinks and your glassware or crockery close at hand.

Pictured: Emilia White Gloss and Oak 3 Door 3 Drawer Sideboard


For Display

Looking for a place to store your favourite artwork or that eclectic collection of souvenirs you picked up on your travels? Your sideboard is the perfect place. A large piece of artwork, hanging just above or resting atop your sideboard, can do all the talking - let it shine by eliminating distractions and clutter. A collection of interesting keepsakes can find their home on top of your sideboard too, and this will be a special addition to your home no matter what room it’s in. Alternatively, take the opportunity to display family photos and other special memories here.

Pictured: Napoli White and Cadiz Oak 1 Drawer Sideboard


For Your Houseplants

If you’re green fingered, but don’t have a lot of garden space, chances are you have plenty of houseplants in your home, and it can sometimes be hard to find the right spot for them. Here’s where your sideboard comes in. With your household essentials safely stored inside, by covering the surface with greenery through houseplants you will add a little bit of nature to your home interior. This also holds benefits for your physical and mental health, purifying the air around you and promoting productivity and creativity.

Pictured: Roma Matt White Sideboard Storage Cabinet


For Your TV

Not a fan of the TV console, but still need a stylish foundation for your entertainment set up? A sideboard will be a great alternative. Choose a surface area that will fit your TV and use any storage drawers and cupboards to tidy away accessories like controllers, DVDs or even your gaming consoles.

Pictured: Emilia Grey Matera and Oak 2 Door 3 Drawer Sideboard


Just Keep It Simple

Sometimes, the best styling is all about keeping it simple. If you don’t have an obvious need for a sideboard other than as a place to store away essentials, just keep your styling simple. A beautiful lamp on one or both ends will stand alone as a stylish option, and adding a small stack of your favourite books can be another uncomplicated way to add to the space.

Pictured: Rustic Large 2 Door 3 Drawer Oak Sideboard



Get inspired by Furnicomp’s excellent collection of sideboards. With a wide range of configurations, styles and sizes available, there’s something for every home, no matter how you choose to use it!

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