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5 Creative Ways to Store Your Footwear

5 Creative Ways to Store Your Footwear

Whether you’ve been out on a muddy adventure or you’re coming home from the nine to five, there’s no better feeling than slipping off your shoes of the day and snuggling up in your favourite pair of slippers. When the shoes do come off, where do you store them? There are plenty of ways that you can avoid the mountain of footwear that can inevitably end up clogging up your hallway. If the standard shoe rack isn’t for you and you want something a little more creative, interesting or even hidden away, keep on reading as we discover new ways to store your shoes that will keep them close and out of harm's way.

Pictured: Novato 2 Drawer Matt White Shoe Cabinet

Don’t Be Afraid To Display.

From Jimmy Choos to Jordans, if your shoe collection is something to be proud of, make the most of showing it off! Place them in a display cabinet when not in use for a tidy spot to store and a striking way to display them. Alternatively, having them displayed on shelves in a walk-in wardrobe will give you joy every time you enter, and might even encourage you to wear them more often as you choose your outfit for the day.

Go Down Under.

As the ultimate hide-away destination, storing your footwear under a bed can be an easy and innovative solution. Don’t be tempted to just shove them under in a haphazard fashion though - it’s easy to lose a shoe or two to the depths of the darkness if they’re not stored sensibly. Stick to wheeled storage boxes or, better yet, choose a bed frame that has storage drawers or an ottoman base for simple access and full concealment.

Pictured: Ariella Mink Velvet Fabric Ottoman Base Bed Frame

Sit Pretty With A Storage Bench.

Why not combine the place you store your shoes with somewhere to put them on before you head out the door? A storage bench will make this easy, with a handy place to sit while you lace up your boots, and a simple, tidy place to pop them once you’ve taken them off. Another benefit to a storage bench is the ability to keep other essentials, such as hats, gloves and scarves, at hand right where you need them. Your entryway will transform into a welcoming space for you and your guests.

Pictured: Bari White and Grey Wooden Storage Bench/Blanket Box with Drawer

Show Off With A Shelf.

Run out of floor space? There’s no reason you can’t start climbing the walls with your footwear! Install a few shelves at varying levels and sit your shoes in these handy spots so they’re easy to grab and on full display! Don’t want to commit to adding shelves to your walls? You can easily recreate this by using a bookshelf. This will not only prove useful for you and your family, but will serve as a talking point for new guests that come through your door as well.

Our footwear is something we can’t live without (unless you’re lucky enough to live on the beachfront!), so having a useful place to keep your collection will go a long way towards keeping your home clean and tidy. Feeling inspired by this list of creative ways to store your footwear? Take a look at our selection of stylish storage solutions and find a new way to keep your kicks in order.

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