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Nesting Tables Are The Unsung Heroes Of The Home: Here's 5 Ways To Use Them

Nesting Tables Are The Unsung Heroes Of The Home: Here's 5 Ways To Use Them

Great things come in small packages. A nest of tables? In the world of furniture, you don’t get much smaller - or greater - than that! If you don’t know what a nest of tables is, prepare to be inspired. This retro furniture favourite consists of two or three tables, graduating in size, that can be placed one over the other, slotting together perfectly. For decades the nest of tables has provided a space saving, portable solution for households up and down the country and they’re a great option to consider for your own home. How you choose to use them? That’s totally up to you and what works for your space. If you need a little inspiration, keep on reading as we explore five great ways to use a nest of tables in your home and what makes them truly worth the pennies.

As Side Tables.

Perhaps the most popular use for a nest of tables, having them as side tables in your living space can be endlessly convenient. Whether it’s a place to pop your cuppa in the morning or a spot to store the snacks for an evening movie, situating your nest of tables next to your sofa will be equally as handy as a standard side table. The bonus of your nesting set? You can easily bring out the smaller tables to place in other spots around the room for any guests or family members who don’t have easy access to a surface space. When your guests have gone home? Simply tuck them back away to be used on another day.

For The Kids.

One of the greatest benefits of smaller items of furniture? They’re suitable for children! The low size of these tables makes them perfect for any kiddie activity that needs a solid surface space. Encourage them to get creative with a handy place to perch whilst getting crafty, or even provide a perfect sized table for them to eat their snacks from. Using a nest of tables for your kids will be a fantastic solution in the lounge, the playroom, the dining room and anywhere else you can think of!

To Serve Drinks.

The joys of entertaining can bring a happy buzz to your home. Sometimes, though, it can be stressful to find all the surface space you need for snacks, drinks and other bits and bobs you want your guests to enjoy. Enter: the nest of tables! By popping your selection of drinks on one and cups and glasses on the other, you’ll have an instant bar area that will stay neat and tidy all evening long. 

Extra Display Areas.

A bunch of flowers from your significant other, another photo frame from your mum, or a souvenir from your latest getaway - having special things on display around your living areas can be the thing that turns your house into a home. A nest of tables will provide you with those little extra spaces to have your favourite bits and bobs on display. The graduating sizes will also add an element of style and interest to the space, elevating the interior even further.


Spare Seating.

If you love hosting family and friends in your home, chances are you’ve had to go on a search around the house for extra seating from time to time. A sturdy nest of tables can be a great way to provide impromptu seating when you’ve got more bodies than spaces to sit! Simply pop out the smaller tables to use as stools, and tuck them away again when your guests have gone home!


So there you have it! We hope that these examples have shown you just how a nest of tables is the epitome of versatility. Whether you live in a small space and see this as an ideal solution, or you simply want more ways to keep your home neat and tidy, take a look at our nest of tables collection for a range of styles that would slot perfectly into your home.
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