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Renting your home? Here Are 5 Furniture Items That Won't Annoy The Landlord.

Renting your home? Here Are 5 Furniture Items That Won't Annoy The Landlord.

Renting your home can be both stressful and exciting. You want to create the perfect space to reflect your style and personality, but you might be limited in what you can change with the landlord’s permission. But that doesn't mean you can't make your rented house feel like a home. Here are five essential items that allow you to craft the perfect space without having to rip up carpets or tear through walls.


Choosing the Right Bed

Let’s start with where you find yourself at the end of the day. The place you go to relax and unwind is a vital part of your home. Perhaps your rented house or apartment came with furniture, including a bed, but sometimes, and especially for such an important piece of furniture, it pays to ask your landlord if you can replace items with your own. A bed isn’t just for sleeping, a bed is a centrepiece furniture item, as well as one that can be put to practical use too. Looking to create a minimalist, or even retro vibe for your bedroom? Choose a sleek metal frame bed. Want a taste of splendour and opulence? A luxurious velvet fabric bed frame will make you feel like a king or queen. Or if you’re tight for space, make use of the area underneath with an Ottoman lift up storage bed. These are just a few ideas that show why it makes sense not to discount a bed as just a place for putting your head down; by investing in this focal point of the room, you can help transform the feel of your apartment or house.

A Wardrobe For More Than Clothes

A wardrobe can have a dramatic effect upon the ambiance (and practicality) of your bedroom. While you may lust after a cavernous walk-in wardrobe, this might not be so practical for your rented home. Perhaps your landlord has been a bit stingy with storage space, or maybe all you’ve been provided with is a spartan clothing rail or drawers. So it’s a good thing a wardrobe can be many things without the need for major DIY or installation work. It can store clothes, shoes and coats, but can also double up as a large full-length mirror, useful for checking your outfit in the morning, and for giving the illusion of more space. A sliding wardrobe can provide a dramatic change to the entire space, completely transforming the appearance of a wall, as well as providing substantial additional storage space. A wardrobe is another great way to make your rented property a home, without falling foul of your rental agreement.

WFH? The Perfect Desk for Your Space

The way we work has changed over the last two years, and your home may now also be your office. So that means having to create the perfect place to focus, even if you have limited space. Some landlords may not have provided you with a desk, so it’s worth making the investment. Create the perfect little nook for productivity and make the most of a corner with a practical corner desk. Or are you a digital native and everything you do is confined to your computer? Try a slim computer desk set back against a wall, ergonomically suited for computer use with a handy slide out shelf to hide your keyboard when you’re not using it. Having a desk is not only good for your posture, it’s also good for your mental wellbeing, helping you make the divide between work and leisure spaces in your home.


Practical (and Stylish) Storage

Storage doesn’t have to be a place just for keeping things, it can also reshape a space and add a touch of style to an otherwise drab wall. A highboard/sideboard cupboard allows you to declutter with practical storage behind an elegantly designed front cover, creating a striking look for your space, all without having to apply new wallpaper or paint. Much like we mentioned with wardrobes, you could also use a cupboard featuring a full length mirror to give the illusion of more space. Again, simple items like these can make all the difference, and they won’t upset your landlord.

A Showcase Display Cabinet

If you’re unable to make major changes to your rented space (such as drilling holes into walls), you may struggle for adequate shelving space to display your book collection or ornaments. Try a striking bookcase or shelving unit, making use of vertical space for added storage, all while giving you a stunning platform to show off your personal library or prized possessions. A shelving unit is also a fantastic way to display family photos with picture frames, without having to get permission to hammer nails through the walls.




So now it’s clear you can in fact make a rented property your own, without falling foul of the landlord. Essential items of furniture can make a big difference with minimal effort. And helpfully, if you ever decide to move out, all of these items will be easy to bring with you. Take a look at the rest of our range for even more ideas, whether you rent or not.


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