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Storage That Adds Style: Declutter and Decorate Your Living Room

Storage That Adds Style: Declutter and Decorate Your Living Room
Rhys Kendrick|

Storage serves a practical purpose, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish too. Not only can storage complement your interior, it can easily become a fundamental part of your decor too, something especially useful if more substantial home renovations are too costly or off limits. As many of us are now spending more time working from home, our living spaces can quickly become a hive of clutter as work takes over, with added storage capacity a must. Here we take a look at four ways to easily rejuvenate your living spaces while simultaneously expanding your storage capacity.


Sideboards and Highboards



The ultimate in style and practicality, these units provide your living room an additional touch of character, while also increasing your storage capacity. If you’re renting a property, you can find yourself stuck with the decor you’ve been given, with little freedom to truly make it your own within the confines of your landlord’s restrictions. But whether you’re renting or not, you may have a room that’s lacking in substance, and in need of a quick injection of style.   


Sideboards and highboards offer a way to introduce some of your own character into a space with minimal effort, and no modification to your property. Available in a variety of textured finishes, including wood and high gloss, place them against a featureless wall, or put them to use in filling a sparse gap in your room. As well as providing a new feature and focal point for your space, sideboards and highboards will also give you convenient storage capacity perfect for concealing TV remotes, books, magazines, tablets, and other living room clutter.


Display Cabinets



Everyone has those important items that mean something unique to them. Whether it’s cherished ornaments that have transcended generations, or special tableware used only for the most prestigious meals. Instead of having such items stashed away in cardboard boxes, why not let them shine out on display for all to see? 

Choose display cabinets in a number of finishes to match your decor, as well as to match sideboards or highboards. Let your prized possessions take the spotlight with glass doors and optional LED lighting which truly helps you put a shine on your items. Use a cabinet with additional concealed storage areas to also store items that don’t need to take centre stage.


Mirrored Cabinets And Shoe Cabinets

Some cabinets are truly a practical necessity and not something that can be easily incorporated into your interior decor. While an anonymous white box can help you keep clutter to a minimum, it can also take up valuable space as a blot on your interior landscape. So why not give it dual purpose with a mirrored surface?


In your bathroom, a mirrored cabinet can store your toothbrushes and medications while also acting as the perfect mirror for shaving or your skincare routine. In your hallway, a mirrored shoe cabinet can keep your shoes neat and tidy, while also providing a convenient way to check your outfit just before you head out for the day. Put your storage to use for more than just storage and maximise your spaces.


Shelving and Bookcases  

Shelving doesn’t mean having to drill holes into walls. Bookcases allow you to create a feature wall out of a book collection. Spark inspiration with the works of your favourite authors, while also giving yourself a convenient home library. A bookcase doesn’t need to be an anonymous rectangle either, make use of striking bookcases that reinvigorate your interior style whatever you place on them.

If you have big space to fill, put a bookcase to use as an elegant room divider, and clearly split up a space between work and play, with your home office on one side and a living space or bedroom on the other.



Storage doesn’t need to be obtrusive. As you’ve seen, storage can transform a space, both by reducing clutter, and by rejuvenating your interior decor by providing a new feature or focal point for your room. Explore our complete collection of storage solutions at Furnicomp, including sideboards, highboards, display cabinets, bookcases, shoe cabinets and much more.

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