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Top Five Accessories To Compliment Your Living Room

Top Five Accessories To Compliment Your Living Room
Rhys Kendrick|

Making a house a home means pairing stylish furniture with purposeful accessories. Introducing a set of colourful cushions can transform an unexciting sofa, while a lamp on a sideboard can rejuvenate the look and feel of your space, both during the day, and at night. 

So if you’re despairing over bare shelves, or a forlorn corner, here’s five of our top accessories to add some extra style and substance to your living space. 

Colourful and Cosy Cushions 

If your sofa is looking a little worse for wear, or you’re thirsty for a dash of colour, a set of cushions can help you create a dramatic change without taking too much from your wallet. Choose a bright pattern, with contrasting colours to your sofa, such as a mustard yellow for a grey sofa, to help liven things up. Similarly, if you’ve got a minimalist sofa, while it may give your space a clean look, you might find it cold and uninviting when you’re hoping to get cosy while settling down to watch a movie.  A set of fluffy cushions can give you the perfect spot to snuggle up after a long day, but can easily be packed away and stored in a cupboard during the daytime to help you maintain that clean look. 

Luminous Lighting 

So you’ve found the perfect sideboard in your quest to create a new centrepiece for your living room. But atop that sideboard is a sweeping surface crying out to be filled. Give your sideboard some extra character, and change up your lighting with a striking lamp. Forget your conventional lampshades; unleash your creativity and choose a table lamp that adds style as well as function. Pick a lamp crafted from wood to compliment your furniture, or find one that coordinates with the colours of your room. Gain extra functionality and make use of a lamp with a built-in wireless charging pad for all of your mobile devices. Lighting, decoration, and charging all in one. 

Plants and Pots

Bring the outside in and introduce some nature to your living room with a striking plant. This is a two-for-one accessory, as you’ll need a beautiful vase to put it in. You’ll want to gain a little horticultural knowledge beforehand though, and be sure to choose a plant that needs minimal care to prevent it from wilting in the shade of your living room. Aspidistras, known as the “cast iron plant”, are a fantastic house plant as they’re particularly robust, with very little intervention required to keep them looking sprightly. They also look pretty fantastic too. Once you’ve selected a plant, be sure to pick out a vase that blends well with your decor, while fitting perfectly on a bookcase

A Rug That Pops

Unify your furniture with a radiant rug that pulls everything together. Rugs are perfect if you have a hardwood floor, giving you a soft surface to walk on. Choose an artisan rug with an abstract design if you’re looking for a sophisticated look. Or, if you’re looking for the maximum in comfort, choose a shaggy woven rug with a fluffy texture for the ultimate cosy surface. If you’ve got kids, you’ll know how easy it is for little accidents to happen, so choose a plain pattern easy care rug that’s easy to clean should they spill their favourite drink on it.  

A Centrepiece Coffee Table 

What’s the perfect item to place on top of a rug? A stunning coffee table of course. If you’re aiming for a minimalist look, a quintessential four-legged coffee table will fill a gap and provide a handy place for books, tablets, and indeed a coffee cup. But if you’re looking to get more out of a coffee table, take a look at lift-up tables, with concealed storage space. These will look great, serve as a coffee table, and provide you with some very convenient additional storage space. It’s a win-win, win. 

Time To Go Shopping

Living room furniture is just the start when you’re crafting a welcoming space for you and your family. Fill your space with carefully considered accessories, and you’ll be able to craft a room that represents you, while also creating a much more pleasant place to be. Explore our range of living room furniture to help get you started. 

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