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Space-Saving Furniture Ideas for Urban Living

Space-Saving Furniture Ideas for Urban Living
Ryan Simmons|
By investing in multi-functional and space-saving furniture, you can make even the tiniest apartment feel spacious and inviting. Explore bookcases, ottoman beds, corner desks and more ways to maximise your space in this blog.

Space has become a precious commodity in the era of urban living. Metropolitan lifestyles are increasingly defined by compact apartments, where every square foot counts. But just because your living quarters may be small, it doesn't mean they can't be stylish, functional, and spacious.

The secret lies in choosing the right furniture, and that’s where FurniComp steps in. In our latest blog post, we're going to share some transformative, space-saving furniture ideas that are just perfect for urban living.

Chest of drawers

Nest of tables, the Russian dolls of furniture, are perfect for small spaces. These sets of small tables can fit neatly one under the other, but when additional surface area is needed, they can be spread out into separate entities.

They’re fantastic as coffee tables, bedside tables, or even impromptu dining tables. Explore our range of nesting tables, with options ranging from rustic wood to chic glass.

Vertical Bookcases & Cabinets

Go vertical with your storage. Tall bookcases allow you to take advantage of your wall space without cluttering your floor. They are not only for books but can also serve as a place to display ornaments, photographs, and indoor plants.

Vertical storage doesn’t have to be restricted to your living room. Tall bathroom cabinets are the perfect way to organise your toiletries in even the tiniest of bathrooms. Sneak one in between the toilet and the sink, or beside your shower surround.

Discover our collection of tall bookcases and cabinets in various shapes, sizes, and finishes.

Extendable Dining Tables and Consoles

Love to entertain but short on space? An extendable dining table could be your saviour. Compact when you're dining solo or with a partner, these tables can expand to accommodate more guests when you’re playing host.

Extending consoles are even more space-saving, occupying the space of a small side table when not in use, and expanding to a full size dining table able to accommodate upwards of six guests for dinner parties or special occasions.

Our assortment of extendable tables and consoles spans various styles, from contemporary glossy designs to bold and striking concrete grey

Under-Bed Storage

The space under your bed can be a treasure trove of storage. Space-saving ottoman and divan beds come with built-in storage perfect for storing seasonal clothing, bed linen, and other less frequently used items. This keeps them easily accessible but out of sight, helping to maintain a clean and uncluttered aesthetic.

Our ottomans allow easy access to a cavernous amount of space directly beneath your bed, with a lift mechanism that allows you to conveniently lift up your mattress and bed base effortlessly. We also offer beds that include discreet drawers providing an alternative option.

Corner Desks

Corners, often overlooked in space planning, can be transformed into efficient and productive zones with the clever use of corner desks. These desks are perfectly designed to capitalise on your living area's potential, offering ample workspace without encroaching on your room's central areas.


Adding a corner desk not only optimises your space but also elevates your interior design. These desks blend function with style, transforming an otherwise empty corner into a productive home office or study area. With built-in storage solutions like shelves and drawers available in some models, our corner desks cater to diverse needs.

Your Space, Maximised

At FurniComp, we believe that space limitations should never inhibit style or functionality. By investing in multi-functional and space-saving furniture, you can make even the tiniest apartment feel spacious and inviting. Browse our collections today, and start transforming your urban living space.

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