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Conquer Living Room Clutter With These 5 Easy Steps

Conquer Living Room Clutter With These 5 Easy Steps
Mustafa Rashid|
Living room feeling like a jungle of junk? Here’s how to make your living room storage work for you.

Living room feeling like a jungle of junk? Over time, our homes can accumulate a lot of bits and bobs - some of them essential, many of them full of memories and some may just be gathering dust. The first step to conquering living room clutter? Having a good clear out and doing away with the items that you no longer need. But even if you’re not quite ready to part ways with paraphernalia, there are still ways that you can make the most of your space to ensure that your storage works well for you and your home.

Think Vertical (and Horizontal!)

No more space for storage on your floor? Don’t forget about your walls! Using vertical storage such as a bookcase or wall shelving can be a great way of using all the space you’ve got, whether you actually utilise it for books or fill it with handy baskets that hold your essentials. And don’t be afraid to take this shelving solution horizontal as well - an open backed bookcase can double up as a room divider and this can be a great way to section off zones in the room, whether for dining or a reading nook.

Categorise your storage.

There’s nothing worse than searching high and low for something in a hurry and forgetting where you’ve stored it. That’s why splitting your storage spaces into categories is always a good idea. As long as you do your best to make sure everything goes back to where you found it, this system will help to keep your space tidy, uncluttered and organised. A sideboard, for example, not only gives you plenty of surface space for those easy-to-grab items and the things you want on display, but handy cupboards can be a great place for your ‘fun & games’ category, providing a brilliant spot to keep board games and kids toys tucked away. Investing in a TV unit with storage will add another layer of organisation to your categorisation. It will not only provide an ideal space to tuck away wires and keep the area tidy, but also to store all your entertainment bits and bobs too.

Put your favourite things on display.

Storing doesn’t have to mean hiding away! There are some items in our homes that bring us joy and these should be put on display. A bookshelf can give you the opportunity to do this, but if you’re looking for something that you close the door on, opt for a display unit that has glass fronted doors. With memories and the things you love on full display in your home, you’ll be contributing to a happier environment for everyone.

Come up with clever solutions.

Prefer the minimalist look for your living space? It’s easy to come up with clever solutions that will hide your storage in plain sight. Think about storage benches that can be hidden under cushions and double up as seating, or a skinny shoe cabinet that tucks away your footwear. Another clever solution? Get a coffee table that lifts up to reveal a hidden stash of magazines or a tucked away spot for your remotes.

Opt for versatility.

Love to entertain? Chances are you’ll need plenty of surface space for your guests to rest their coffee cups and graze on snacks. But you may not want all that excess space when it’s just you using the room. This is where furniture such as a nest of tables is a fantastic option thanks to its ability to provide multiple surfaces throughout your room, and then be tucked away again when not in use.


Have you now decided how best to declutter your home? By just adding extra simple storage solutions, your living space can be transformed into a tidy haven. Don’t forget to check out our full Living Room collection for more inspiration!

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