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Sliding Door Wardrobes: Space Saving And Stylish

Sliding Door Wardrobes: Space Saving And Stylish

A modern choice

The wardrobe is an essential part of any bedroom. The ultimate solution for shoe collections, winter jumpers, work uniforms and more...we are constantly seeking more innovative and beautiful designs to grace our homes and bedrooms. At Furnicomp, our top furniture hero is the sliding door wardrobe! With a vast array of storage configurations and styles, it is fast becoming a popular choice in the contemporary home. So what’s the big deal with sliding door wardrobes and why are people choosing them over the traditional two door function? As well as being a sleek and stylish furniture choice, we’ve broken down the main features and benefits below.

Space saving

The greatest benefit to sliding door wardrobes, and the reason more and more people are choosing them, is that they save a lot of space. If your bedroom is on the smaller side, a wardrobe with the traditional hinged door function can sometimes prevent you from placing it in the ideal spot. Rogue coat-hangers, clothes attempting to escape and heavy wardrobe doors all eat up into bedroom space, leaving little room for much else. This is where a sliding door wardrobe is the perfect fit, saving you from the awkward squeezes and frustration when the door can’t fully open at the end of the bed! 

Another neat little trick of sliding door wardrobes? They often come with mirrored surfaces, meaning that you don't need to fork out a vast amount of money for a new full-length mirror too. Of course, this practical solution will also save the space a full length mirror would be taking up. And we all know the design trick that a large mirror can make any room look and feel bigger - another benefit to the mirrored doors!

A storage solution

Tired of having to find different storage solutions for all of your bedroom items? With all the different configurations available, from shelves, drawers and different lengths of hanging space, you can configure the wardrobe to have exactly the type of storage space that you need. Drawers and shelves can prove to be a handy solution for storing shoes and handbags and the different lengths of hanging space can be configured to work well for shirts, jackets, dresses or skirts.

Perfect for partners.

The sliding door wardrobe can prove to be an ideal solution for couples who need their own space within the wardrobe. Choosing a two or three-door configuration makes it easy to section off one side for each of you. Each person will have their own side of the wardrobe, meaning no more arguments over who has more space or which person deserves space for their quirky coat collection! The mirrored door also finds its benefits here. With a large full length mirror, that also stretches the width of the wardrobe, there’ll be no more fighting for the mirror during the morning rush.

Not just for the bedroom.

Why limit amazing storage to one room? The bedroom isn't the only room of the house that can benefit from a sliding door wardrobe. Sometimes, storage with swinging doors is simply not practical if you are limited on space. This is where the sliding door wardrobe comes into its own. Place one in your home office to keep your office supplies and important files organised, or install one in the lounge for tidy storage of photographs, games or those extra cushions and blankets. It’s safe to say that the sliding door wardrobe is a great all-round home solution that can help to keep it a more organised and tidy place to live.

Make it your own.

The greatest thing about sliding door wardrobes is that there are so many styles, colours and sizes to choose from that can enhance your room’s appearance and be configured into exactly what you need. Here at Furnicomp, you can choose from mirrored, glossed, or wood effect finishes and many different configurations to minimise the mess and clutter. At Furnicomp, our priority is you and your home. Our line of expertise in home and décor will ensure that you choose the right product for your home at a good price. We believe that furniture plays an important part in making any house a home, and a brand new wardrobe is a great place to start.

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