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How to Boost Productivity in your Home Office

How to Boost Productivity in your Home Office
Mustafa Rashid|
Are high productivity levels impossible to reach at home? They don’t have to be - we’ve highlighted a few of the steps you can take to easily create a productive workspace in your home.

Found yourself working from home? Whether you love it or hate it, there are always going to be advantages and disadvantages to working at home compared to a bustling office environment. If your office is usually full of hard-working colleagues and planned tasks, it’s often easy to stay focussed and maintain productivity throughout your day. But are those high productivity levels impossible to reach at home when the kids kick off or your kitchen fridge calls? They don’t have to be. Below we’ve highlighted just a few of the steps you can take to easily create a productive workspace in your home that will keep you on track to smash your targets.

Find a space that works for you

You may have spent hours decorating the dining room, or transforming your lounge into a luxurious parlor - but, believe it or not, this is not the best place to set up your working area. In fact, you’re going to want to steer clear of all possible distractions - be that family members or a tempting television. Choose instead a dedicated space in a quiet corner of your home, preferably in a separate room. This way, you can close the door on any distractions and keep your 9 to 5 space separate from where you spend your evenings. Your old commute may not have been your favourite thing in the world, but being able to distance your work and home spaces is key for knowing when to switch off.


Add personality to your environment

The benefit of working in a home office is that you can tailor it to your tastes. Are there any features that you love in the office space you are used to? It might be statement lighting or the type of chair you use - incorporate this into your own home office and leave out the things that you are not so keen on. If you are working at a desk, make it one that you will enjoy approaching every day. A design such as the Roma Extending Desk is not only practical, but it is effortlessly stylish too and ideal for maximising space in a compact setting. When it comes to adding to your desk, a plant or two will not only add to the decor, but having greenery in your eyeline can improve your happiness (studies have shown indoor plants can boost mood, productivity, concentration and creativity!), as well as helping to purify the air around you.

Embrace daylight for greater focus

Let there be light! Make daylight an essential part of your working space. Turning up the brightness of your room has been proven to boost productivity, not only by preventing eye strain and headaches, but also through improving your sleep at night meaning you are more refreshed when you come to start the day. Another key to keeping focussed is to have good airflow through your room. Keeping a window open will let the fresh air roam throughout your space.

Don’t let clutter take over

A clear and focussed mind needs an uncluttered environment to work in. It is important to ensure that your desk remains uncluttered and that you keep the rest of your home office tidy too. Have you ever had to interrupt your flow of work because you can’t find that essential document or even the pen that was right next to you a minute ago? Keeping a tidy working environment will prevent these frustrations from taking over your day. Have plenty of storage around you to help solve this problem so that you can keep only the essentials on your desk. The Metz 5 Drawer Pedestal is a handy solution that will keep loose papers or bits and bobs neatly stored away until you need them.

Break up your day

Taking regular breaks is another way to ensure that you keep full focus throughout your day - and that doesn’t mean heading straight for social media. Take a step away from your computer screen and give your mind a rest. This might look like a quick walk around the block for some fresh air, taking a trip to the kitchen to make a coffee, or even stopping to read a page or two of an inspirational book. Incorporate a space in your home office that makes it easy for you to take your eyes off the screen - perhaps a second chair next to a bookcase that will help you change your scenery from time to time. Our Aspen Bookcase doubles up as a handy storage solution too.


Whether you’ve been working from home for years or it is something new that you are just getting used to, following these tips will help you to appreciate the space that you find yourself in. For functional furniture that will help you create a home office you love, take a look at our home office collection and see how this space can work for you.

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