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Design Your Perfect Walk-In Wardrobe

Design Your Perfect Walk-In Wardrobe

Everybody has a wardrobe - that is, everyone has their own collection of clothes. Where you choose to house them is up to you, but if you have a particularly extensive accumulation of garments, you’ll most likely want a larger place to store them than just a small corner of your bedroom. A dedicated space for all of your wardrobe items can make getting ready in the morning an enjoyable, organised and efficient process, and having space for all of your clothes to be displayed properly will likely have you wearing them more often too. A walk-in wardrobe is an ideal solution and, if you have the space, it can make for an exciting and rewarding home renovation project. Here are the top things you need to think about when designing your perfect walk-in wardrobe.

First things first - what is a walk-in wardrobe and how is it different? A walk-in wardrobe is essentially a room that you can fill with storage solutions of your choice according to your needs. Onced filled with your collection of clothes and accessories, all of your essentials will be in one place giving you easy access and providing a handy home with plenty of room to store them.

Assess Your Space

The very first thing to think about before you make any design decisions is this: what space do I have, what does it need, and who is it for? If you’re sharing the space with a partner, you will need to take into consideration the type and amount of storage that will enable you to share the space in the best and most collaborative way. The size of the area you are working with will define how you lay out the space too. You might have a small spot sectioned off in the bedroom, or maybe you’re transforming your spare room - when you have decided and assessed the location, you will know what to prioritise when decking it out.


Choose Your Furniture

Whether you have space for just one or can fill the room with three beautiful storage units, once you know the area you are working with, you will be able to choose a wardrobe that’s right for you. For a walk-in wardrobe, it’s all about making the most of the space you have. Filling your walk-in wardrobe with sliding door units is the best way to line the walls - not only do they look tidy, but they are highly functional too, often having a range of storage options within. Know your clothes - what proportion of your wardrobe needs to be hung up on hangers? How many drawers will you need? Although drawers are a much loved part of the modern day bedroom, shelves can be just as useful. Stacking your jumpers or jeans in a shelving space can often be the best way to display them for easy access. Our Klassy White 3 Door Wardrobe has three sliding doors and three lower drawers, with two hanging sections inside surrounding a centre shelving area. This is a fantastic storage option for your wardrobe, with functionality for the different storage needs.

Klassy Wardrobe


Include Your Shoes

From the weather, to our hobbies, to the events we attend - different parts of life require different types of footwear! And it’s important for your footwear collection to have its own place within your walk-in wardrobe. A shelving space in the wardrobe can often provide a great spot for shoes, but if you don’t want your footwear taking up valuable clothing space, you can opt for a shoe cabinet like our Weimar one. With four tilting shoe compartments and a door to extra shelving, this is a stylish, functional shoe cabinet that even has a handy mirror. The extra shelving could prove a great hiding spot for handbags or long boots that don’t quite fit in the shoe slot.

Shoe Cabinet

Light Up Your Mirrors

Plan your lighting well. LEDs and spotlights are the ideal option for getting ready and having them spaced about around the room is key to having enough light for every angle. And it wouldn’t be a walk-in wardrobe without the trusty mirror. When it comes to mirrors for your walk-in wardrobe - the bigger, the better! You need to see your outfit and, especially if you’re sharing the space with your partner, you need a mirror that will do the job well. The greatest way to save space (and to make sure you have plenty of reflection) is to incorporate the mirror on the doors of your units. Our Klassy 2 Door Mirrored Wardrobe has them floor to ceiling, maximising your mirrored area - and this will make the room look bigger too!

Klassy Mirrored Wardrobe


Add Your Accessories

Don’t forget about your accessories. Depending on the space you have, there are different solutions that will work for you. Be it handbags, jewellery, hats or ties - having a dedicated place in your walk in wardrobe for each will keep the space tidy. If you’re able, why not put them on display? Repurposing a bookcase or display cabinet into a storage place for your bags or hats can be a great way to make your wardrobe a little more interesting. Try our Newark Bookcase for a fun way to display them. You might even end up wearing them more often now that they’re not tucked away in the back of your wardrobe! As for jewellery, dedicate a drawer solely for your collection using drawer dividers for extra organisation, or have a space on the wall to hang it up. Again, if you see it in display, you are more likely to get a lot more use out of the whole collection.

Make It Your Own

Once you have the essentials down and have found a place for every item, you can really make your walk-in wardrobe your own. Hang some art or photos that help you feel good and make you feel at home. You might have a little extra space to add in a bench - this can be a really nice finishing touch and will come in handy when tying up your shoes or buttoning up a shirt in the morning when you’re feeling tired. Invest in clothes hangers that you enjoy placing your clothes back on to at the end of a long day. If your clothes are looked after properly you will appreciate them more, and a walk-in wardrobe that you love will help towards this too. Have a bit of fun with your clothing by colour coding it or organising it into sections. Not only does this look good, but it keeps it tidy and organised too. 

However you decide to deck out your walk-in wardrobe, choose quality furniture that will last for years to come. Here at Furnicomp, we have a wider selection of bedroom furniture to suit every taste, with matching sets that really bring the whole room together too. Take a look at our bedroom collection here and find the perfect pieces to make your house a home.

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